T20 World Cup: BCCI estimated to earn USD 12 million profit

T20 World cup 2021, October 17, is finally closing in on us. Cricket fans all over the country are excited and ready to gear up for the world cup.

The Board of control for cricket in India will finally get a chance to enjoy a surplus of 12M USD.

A Quick History

Like any other sports, Cricket had to face a major setback due to the pandemic. Games were postponed, cancelled, and much more.

So, the Board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) had to make a lot of stops on the way:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 Covid-19 crisis in bio-bubble.
  • IPL 2021 postponement.
  • IPL 2021 suspension estimated to 20M loss for BCCI in broadcasting and advertisements.
  • BCCI shortlists three venues: UAE, United Kingdom and Australia.
  • After a lot of debate and discussion, BCCI finally shift T20 World Cup,2021 to UAE and Oman.
  • India Vs Pakistan in T20 World Cup.
  • New rule in United Arab Emirates IPL 2021.
  • BCCI is also planning to conduct 13 domestic games for 2021-22 season.

With T20 World Cup on the way, BCCI has sprung back to action.

T20 World Cup, 2021

The first round of the tournament scheduled in Muscat, Oman features six matches. The Board of control for cricket in India along with Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) and Oman Cricket (OC) are going to make a lot of money through this year’s World Cup.

The operational budget for T20 World Cup this year is 25M USD; which is less than next year World Cup budget for Australia.

From the total budget, the BCCI will get a 12M USD. Although the hosting rights are given to India. Due to Covid-19 crisis the board had to shift the marquee event to UAE and Oman.

The hosting rights for T20 World Cup 2021 went through a great deal of discussion with the International Cricket Council (ICC). Amid the discussion, the safety of players along with stakeholders was of paramount importance.

Previously Ganguly, the BCCI president made a statement,

“This decision is made due to the player’s safety and keeping teams and organizers in the center. We have officially intimated to the ICC that the T20 World Cup can be shifted to the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The details are being chalked out.” 

As the tournament is being held in UAE and Oman. Hence, the ECB and OC also get their side of bargain.

Oman Cricket Half

OC will receive 4M USD in hosting fees for the first round, 6 matches in Muscat. After the first phase comes to an end, World Cup “Super 12” will begin in UAE. 

Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) Half

ECB receives 7M USD for hosting 39 matches, the Super 12 phase.

For the Super 12, a total of six teams will be divided into two groups. The team will then play the match for the super 12 phases in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Moreover, the game will move on to three play-offs in total.  Then two semi-finals and eventually finals on 14th November. 

Out of the 7M USD, ECB have:

  • 1.5M in hosting fee for matches.
  • 5.5M will cover the operational cost for the entire event.

Finally, the surplus 12M goes to BCCI.

Ticketing Rights 

World Cup ticketing rights have been given to the designated cricket boards, ECB and OC. The boards are expecting a good turnout from the 33-day event.

Arrangement notes

According to cricbuzz official website, “The BCCI is hosting a major event in UAE, while working with ECB on similar lines.”

Some of the key points on the on the arrangement made by BCCI with ECB are:

  • BCCI pays ECB, 1.5M USD, fixed fee that will come out of India’s hosting fee 13.5M USD total. ICC will cover the rest of 5.5M operational fee.
  • BCCI pays OC, 4M USD, fixed fee.
  • Emirates Cricket Board and Oman Cricket will have to provide all necessary operational deliverables in respect to ICC’s requirement.
  • BCCI has transferred ticketing rights to ECB and OC. All the revenues generated from the sale of tickets will be retained by the ECB and OC.
  • A Local Organizing Committee (LOC) created by the BCCI constitutes of staff members from Indian and Emirates board.
  • The LOC will look after the preparation of T20 World Cup both in UAE and Oman.

Wrapping up

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