The Best T20 Cricket betting Strategies Guide

T20 Cricket betting sports is growing rapidly, prolific online market. Many cricket enthusiasts use Cricket betting as a means for entertainment when they watch high-adrenaline matches. However, if you want to turn a profit reliably, cricket betting is far from just indulging in the thrill of a high-stakes gamble. On the contrary, only calculation and tactful betting strategies can help a professional punter earn some serious money off the cricket satta rates

T20 Cricket betting strategy – things to consider

Weather and climate impact almost all outdoor sports to some extent. Cricket is arguably impacted more than any other sport. Cricket events, for example, can be postponed and even outright cancelled in inclement weather. Any seasoned cricket enthusiast already knows why weather plays such a critical role, but let us summarize. 

Windy weather may sway the course of a ball working in either the bowler or the batsman’s favour. Due to its sudden nature, the extent of its impact mid-play cannot always be gauged beforehand. But the other two – humidity and temperature – are comparatively more predictable. In an otherwise equal game, foreknowledge of these two factors can help you decide which side to focus your wager on. 

T20 cricket betting – the importance of the coin toss

If you are betting on the toss combination, glean over the weather forecast. If the immediate weather is warm and dry, the toss winner will almost certainly opt to bat first. As for the bowling side, overcast weather and moderate humidity are good conditions for a swing bowler. Seam bowling is also more chaotic on grassy pitches under moist weather. 

A spinner will always prefer dry and sunny weather because the pitch gets dry and dusty. In addition to better grip, the ball can bounce more wildly off the surface, giving the batsman a hard time. Thus, spinners become much more dangerous later on in the game. When a spinner comes to bowl on the fourth or fifth day of a test match, they gain a natural upper hand. 

T20 Cricket betting – keep an eye on the weather

The weather impacts the game indirectly off the pitch, too. For one, the outfields are not impervious to the weather either. Damp grass makes it more likely for fielders to sustain injuries.

Watching the weather and using this information intelligently will make you a very successful bettor. It is true that the weather can fluctuate radically, but forecasts are accurate enough to be reliable in general. Does it look like a pleasant day with a clear blue sky? Bet on big numbers for batsmen across the board. Probability of rain? Even a light drizzle hampers both sides. Cricket, unlike football, is borderline unplayable if it pours heavily. Cricket matches are cancelled with no decided winners solely due to bad weather. You can factor this in and bet for a tie if you deem the weather unpleasant enough. Plus, due to the Duckworth-Lewis system, a winner can be declared despite the match getting cancelled due to rain.

Laying the Draw on Test Match Strategy

Laying the draw is sought after as a staple strategy primarily in soccer, but it can also be utilized effectively in test cricket. 

The central idea is simple: you place a ‘lay bet’ on the match ending in a draw. Essentially, you back the outcome that the match will not draw. In the case of test cricket, there are two outcomes that can happen other than a draw: either the home side or the away side wins. A fourth possibility is a tied test, but it is a very rare phenomenon. There have been only two recorded ties in first-class test cricket since 1877. 

In an ordinary wager, you place a bet backing one particular outcome, usually via a bookmaker with its bookie cricket rate. In laying the draw, you use the betting exchange itself to play the role of a bookmaker. The exchange displays both the available stake and the odds (both on backing and lay bets) at all points. In some cases, you can set your own odds. Your winning, should you choose to lay the draw, is the said stake. If you lose the bet, you stand to lose the same amount multiplied by the live betting rate. Naturally, it is imperative that you lay the draw carefully. You can theoretically win a high percentage of bets if you lay the draw every match. But the net loss from one lost bet will far outweigh the sum of many wins. 

T20 Cricket betting prediction

The betting market generally always overreacts to variables. When the fresh pitch in the first test innings churns out huge scores, draw prices rapidly go down. A good punter will know how dramatically the innings scores collapse on a worn pitch after three days. Irrespective of market trends, an unseemly match will often net you profitable results if your prediction is based on good research and keen observation.

In ODIs and T20s, you can also lay your bet on an outcome not likely to happen. You can bet on a team not winning. You win such lay bets if your selected team loses or the match ends in a draw. 

Top Online T20 Cricket Betting Strategy

The dominant betting market in a traditional test or one-day cricket is about match or event win conditions. But with the advent of fast-track powerplay cricket like IPL, wagers based on individual player performance are now a popular T20 cricket betting market, especially in T20 betting. More than on-spot strategy, building your player database pays off big time here. One needs focused research on the overall potential and recent performance trends of the batsman and the rival bowler. With only a handful of exceptions globally, all players also tend to excel at one form of cricket more than others. Add to this some basic understanding of pitch condition and the weather, and you can guess the top batsman and bowler fairly accurately. 

Needless to say that T20 cricket betting has taken the online betting community by storm. Given the competition that this field currently has, it is important to chalk out a strategy while indulging in online T20 betting.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The foremost trick to winning is to learn more about these sportsbook platforms than the matches. Always take some time for line shopping to find the best possible IPL betting bhav out of your top five (or more) betting sites. A 0.10 difference in odds may not look like much on its own. But the minuscule numbers really add up over time in extra profit. Bookies should also offer proper live betting rates for in-play betting.
  • The coin toss does not determine which team is getting the preferred pitch condition for T20. However, it does have functional importance. However, subject to conditions, the toss winner generally always chooses to bowl first. 
  • Other than betting on the overall match outcome, it is also good to bet on the number of boundaries scored. This can be gauged relatively easily if you know your team’s batting trends in the last ten matches and the overall bowling tactics of the other side.
  • Consider the weather and pitch conditions. Like in all forms of cricket, these two variables can best guide you in making the correct decision all the same. Prep work, not hunches, will help you bag profits off the IPL match bookie bhav


The popularity of Online T20 Cricket betting stems not only from the fast-paced nature of the game itself but also the unpredictability. The underdog factor is essentially one of the most important things in the game. This allows for more competitive odds in favour of the punter. Thus a clear, concise strategy mixed with a proficient bankroll management system is bound to pay rich dividends in the long run.

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