Top 5 Best Cricket Bat in India

Cricket one of the prized possessions of the Indian people. For decades, every nook and corner of Indian big or small, enjoys the game. Either it’s a huge tournament or just a game to pass the leisure, the people are attached to the sport. 

This persistent blend of bat and ball is incomplete without each other. Today we will focus on the bat, the king of sixes, and countless mesmerizing shots. Before we count down the best bats in India, let’s get into the material. 


When it comes to woods, it usually depends on the ball choice. Nonetheless, three types of woods go into manufacturing bats. 

Kashmir Willow

In terms of price, Kashmir falls in the affordable range for many. However, this doesn’t mean the bat is anything but weak. In contrast to English willow, which requires a lot of knocking, Kashmir can tackle aggressive gameplay. 

English Willow

One of the finest woods used to manufacture. Hence the popularity and love for the bat are easily explainable. Although it falls on the pricey side, it delivers the price through excellent shock absorption. Moreover, it’s really lightweight, making it the choice of many renowned cricketers. 

Selected Willow

These bats are generally made for people who are learning the sport. It’s a great hit in street-level cricket, given the affordability. 

Top five Cricket bats in India

1. SS Ton 

  • Price: INR 2000 to 44,000  
  • Weight: 1100 to 1250 gm
  • Features: Lightweight, better strokes, thick edges, and durable.  

Established in 1969, Spartan Sports is a renowned name among the sport’s good companies. SS Bats is one of those few choices loved by not only Indian but foreign players alike. Due to its lightweight nature, former Indian MS Dhoni, all-rounder Andre Russell highly favored SS bat. Overall, the English willow bat is a little on the pricey side. Nonetheless, SS bat’s initial price starts within the affordable range. 

2. MRF Genius 

  • Price: INR 2,500 to 26,000
  • Weight: 1200 gm
  • Grains: 7-9  
  • Features: Optimal balance, suitable for power hits, and durable.  

Endorsed by none other than Captain of Indian Team Virat Kohli. MRF makes one of the best English willow bats in the present context. The most recent market is their MRF Genius Grand Edition; this series is a Grade –1 English Willow. Meaning it can withstand a hard tennis ball or any of such types, ideal for a vigorous play session. 

3. Kookaburra 

  • Price: INR 2500- 25000  
  • Weight: 1150 to1210 grams
  • Grains: 6-9  
  • Features: Amazing design, power surface, wide batting surface, Sarawak cane handle, and outstanding quality.  

The Australian company Kookaburra bat was part of substantial controversial rumors spreading around back in the 2003 world cup. When Ricky Ponting defeated India, his bat was believed to have spring. Although it was proved wrong, we can deny the power of the bat that helped Ponting score that beautiful century. 

Being a massive name in the sports industry, Kookaburra has released many editions in the past. Such as Fever Pro 2000, Ghost Pro 1500, Jose Butler Limited Edition, and Shadow Pro 2000. Initially, the company dates back to the 1800s and still going strong. 

Besides Jose Butler, some famous cricket men who use Kookaburra are AB De Villiers, Adam Gilchrist, Glen Maxwell, and Mike Hussey. 

4. Sanspareils Greenlands (SG)

  • Price: INR 2500 – 35,000  
  • Weight: 1150 to 1200 gm
  • Grains: 9-12  
  • Features: Designed for Power Foot shots, top-notch quality wood design and built, provides stability, elevated power strength, and highly durable.  

For the past several decades, SG has become familiar, all thanks to its traditional yet superior designs. Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) has managed to establish its name among cricket lovers in India. The company makes no compromise in premises of the quality and only uses the very best English willow. SG even imports Sarawak cans to boost the strength. 

5. New Balance

  • Price: INR 1500 – 12,000  
  • Weight: 1175 to 1200 grams
  • Grains: 6-8  
  • Features: Ergonomic design, thick edges, curved blade, a perfect blend of power and control, good balance.  

New Balance is mainly famous amid young cricketers. Some players in the past have switched to New Balance from Kookaburra. Made from top-quality Original English Willow, the bat attends to all the dynamic needs of a player. Due to its robust build, the bat can withstand hard tennis balls or even leather balls. 

Some of the cricket players who use New Balance are Australian attackers Aaron Finch and Steve Smith, from England Joe Root and Ben Stokes, South African attacker David Miller of South Africa, and New Zealand player Colin Munro. 


With this, we come to an end, concluding the top five brands manufacturing Cricket bat in India. I hope the information above helps you make the choice that fits your needs. 

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