Which type of cricket betting is most popular in India?

Cricket is a religion and not only a sport in many countries of South Asia. It isn’t easy to find someone not interested in Cricket in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. You will find that people of all ages are enthusiastic and passionate about this game. And they do not shy away from expressing their feelings. Many different sports especially touch people’s hearts. Just like Brazilians are mad over Soccer, Indians go crazy over Cricket.

Now, Cricket betting has also become a part of Indian culture. Analytical research results showed that the betting industry generates revenue each fiscal year. The new industry has given billions of followers a chance to enjoy their favorite game in new ways. The growing online betting and gambling are quickly becoming a fan favorite. There are hundreds of trustworthy sites where professional bettors often engage in their preferred games. You can enjoy many other games like roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. But our focus for today is only on the betting markets for cricket matches, championships, and leagues.

We have written this article as a guide for you about online cricket betting in India. You can expect to see the different types of betting options, banking methods, and the correct procedure to place bets.

Before we go further with the different procedures and technical information, here are some of the best betting sites. You can use them to place bets on your favorite teams and earn extra cash.

Types of Cricket Betting That Are Most Popular in India

There are countless ways for a bookmaker to decide the bets and odds. But some of the most used and common bets placed on online platforms are:

On The Outcome

The base for these bets is the possible outcomes of a match. In test matches and first-tier Cricket, draws can happen. Thus, bookmakers give three-way odds for a test match. The possibility of a draw is lower than that of Soccer matches but higher than in Hockey matches. Bookmakers offer two-way betting odds for Twenty20 and one-day formats.

Double Odds

Double Odds is a cricket betting format in which bookmakers team up to different odds. You can bet on your favorite team and sum up two results of lower odds. You can bet on unrelated betting odds like a draw will not happen, or atleast one of the teams will not lose.

On A Handicap

In “On A Handicap” bet, you can predict what advantage a team will win. Or you can predict what handicap will not be helpful in making the opponent concede. A Zero Handicap is a famous bet placed on solid groups’ test matches by bookmakers. You can find more on different betting sites and online platforms.


You can choose either a team’s total score or an individual’s when placing bets on Totals. You can place bets on the total score of a team or individual after the match or over a certain period. The betting odds given by bookmakers can be spread or fixed. You can find similar markets for bowlers and all-rounders also.

Player Statistics

The high-level research and analysis done by professionals show cricket lines with suggestions and information on the players’ personal achievements. You can find these indicators in various ways. The number of wounds, 6-pointers, and Multiple Titles at the end of the match (Best Batsman or Best Player of the Inning.) These bets are most interesting for people who are looking for bets on an individual only.

Match Statistics

You can find numerous sites having different statistics, secondary events, and strategies for cricket matches. It is easy to find bookmakers’ quotes on the number of runs or the best result of the first partnership. Many offices offer to bet on how the fielding team will take the first wicket or who will score the first century.

In The First Innings

It is one of the most famous betting markets for prolonged test matches. Bookmakers offer quick quotes where you can find the result of the first inning early. In the First Innings, you can find all bets mentioned above and more for the line. If you are looking to change your strategies during a test match, it is the perfect bet for you. These are the essential bits that you should know before placing your bets. Find the one that fits your skill level and strategies. You can increase your earnings by playing to your strengths

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