Virat Kohli Aces Yo-Yo Test Ahead Of Asia Cup 2023

Virat Kohli recorded an above-par Yo-Yo test score in pre-tournament preparations for the Asia Cup 2023. Fans should expect an explosive performance from Team India at the Asia Cup 2023. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) conducted a performance test on players selected for the tournament.

The Virat Kohli Yo-Yo test score has gone viral online and fans can’t seem to stop talking about India’s readiness for this tournament.

Where Did Fans See the Virat Kohli Yo-Yo Test Score?

Virat Kohli posted his test score on Instagram with the caption:

The happiness of finishing the Yo Yo test between the dreaded cones. 17.2 done.,”

Kohli posted the test score early on Thursday and his comment and attached photo received much traffic from fans.

What Was the Reaction to the Virat Kohli Yo-Yo Test Score Posted Online?

Two reactions trailed Virat Kohli’s Instagram post about completing his test score. Fans were elated to know Kohli has passed a challenging part of India’s preparatory training. However, BCCI officials were not so pleased with Kohli’s social media post.

A statement followed Kohli’s IG post, and many reports suggest it came directly from BCCI’s top officials:

Players have been informed verbally to avoid posting any confidential matter on social media platforms. They can post pictures while training but posting a score leads to breach of contract clause,”

The statement did not mention Virat Kohli by name, but fans and teammates already know the focus of that press release.  BCCI officials do not feel keen to reveal important information about training like fitness scores of players on social media.

Kohli is a senior player in the team, hence the apprehension from BCCI to assume a tougher stance. It could have been a different story if a newbie or reserve player posted such information on a popular social media platform.

Media reports also claim that every player is now aware of the board’s view on the matter.

Which Other Players are Likely to Take the Yo-Yo Test for Team India?

Four (4) players are currently away from the preparatory camp – Prasidh Krishna, Tilak Varma, Jasprit Bumrah, and Sanju Samson. These players are expected to join up with Team India’s camp over the weekend.

Special training and assessments will be a part of each player’s preparation schedule ahead of this tournament. It will not be a surprise if these players take the Yo-Yo test before final squad selections are complete.

Why is the Yo-Yo Test Necessary for Team India Players?

Asia Cup 2023 is going to be a T20I format event, making it one of the most demanding tournaments for Team India this season. T20Is are usually fast-paced; non-stop cricket games and such games require players with the best match-fitness levels.

Assessing players with Yo-Yo tests help selectors see the fitness levels of all shortlisted cricketers for Asia Cup 2023. BCCI officials can set a particular test score all selected players must pass for consideration ahead of the tournament.

What is Team India’s Yo-Yo Test Score for Asia Cup 2023?

BCCI officials in charge of setting the Asia Cup 2023 Yo-Yo test score chose 16.50 units as their satisfactory benchmark. Players chosen to take part in Asia Cup 2023 must meet or exceed 16.50 points for consideration as fully-fit for T20I cricket.

Officials have asked players to stick with all fitness parameters ahead of Asia Cup 2023 to assure best results when the tournament begins.

Where Did the BCCI Conduct this Yo-Yo Test Score For Asia Cup 2023?

BCCI chose a training facility in Bengaluru to conduct the test and other elements of their fitness programme.

Which Players Were Chosen for the Yo-Yo Test?

Cricketers who went for the recent West Indies tour but didn’t go for the series against Ireland were shortlisted for the test. The Ireland tour was a three-tie T20I event and would already have provided BCCI officials enough parameters to assess participating players.

Cricketers in this category are West Indies tour skipper Hardik Pandya; team skipper Rohit Sharma, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, and Ravindra Jadeja.

How Long is the BCCI Fitness Programme for Asia Cup 2023?

The fitness programme will last for thirteen (13) days before players head out to represent India at Asia Cup 2023.

What are the Elements of this Fitness Programme?

BCCI’s fitness programme is in two parts and runs from August 9 to 22, 2023. The training programme aims to:

  • Assess the performance of players and evaluate their match-fitness levels, and
  • Prepare players for Asia Cup 2023 without incurring any training period injuries among selected cricketers.

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