How to Watch Live Cricket Streaming of IPL?

In the past few decades playing and endorsing sports have changed tremendously. As an avid sports fan, I enjoy watching live streams much like the next person. However, finding the right network that makes no compromise in the quality and sustains the attribute takes research. But who has the time for it? In this busy life, we uphold demands, a list of amenities.

Once you come home after a tiring day or finish a household chore and relax in your comfortable chair to watch an important match. You expect nothing but the best because you rightfully earned it. To avoid going over channels to find the network that broadcasts the game you wish to watch. We recommend you go through one of our articles. Our dedicated team put a lot of thought and research for your convenience. Moreover, a sports fan can understand the struggle of a fellow fanatic. 

So, here is the list of websites and apps you can enjoy live streaming. As it is the Indian Premier League season, the mentioned options rightfully support its live streaming too. 

1. Disney + Hotstar

India has a huge Cricket fan following. The supporters never miss a video, albeit with their hectic work schedule, traveling, etc. Hence under the regulation of The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Star India Pvt. Ltd has exclusive rights to broadcast Indian Domestic Matches, Indian Premier League for the next five years. 
Anyone who is subscribed to the channel has full access to any live streaming. Those who haven’t joined the subscription plans do get a limited view to just five minutes. 
At the moment, the channel offers two subscription models. 

  • Disney+Hotstar VIP 
  • Disney+Hotstar Premium 

If the sole purpose of your streaming is to watch live sports, we suggest you opt for the VIP model subscription. The package has various choices such as F1, Premier League (PL), wrestling, martial arts, table tennis, kabaddi tournaments, and French & US Open Tennis. Not just that, they even have highlights of IPL that go way past over a decade or India’s Tour of Australia / Domestic Matches. 
You can even get subscription plans via Vodaphone Idea and Jio.

2. Sony Liv

If the team India is playing away games in countries like Australia, England, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, Sony Liv is your second-best option. Till the year 2023, it reserves the right to broadcast international matches.
Apart from that, Sony Liv telecasts, Pakistan Super Leagues Matches. Australia’s Tour of England and Pakistan Tour of England.

That’s not all the channel offers access to score sheets for ongoing cricket and any upcoming events too. Besides live streaming of sports, Sony Liv also plays the recent happening in the world of Cricket.
The subscription has much more grounds to offer for any avid sports fan. From National Basketball Association (NBA) to FA Cup, they have it all.

3. Sky Sports

The channel has been able to maintain stability when it comes to live streaming. With easy and effortless navigation, Sky Sports is well-known among the fans. 

Contemporarily, the site holds the right to New Zealand Cricket, including all the domestic and International Matches from India. In addition to that, the site offers a live stream of sports like Football, boxing, and Tennis. Moreover, Sky Sports and app optimizes the video standards based on your internet speed.

4. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) TV

As the regulator of Cricket matches, the BCCI also has a free live cricket streaming site. You can stream and enjoy all the Domestic Indian Matches via the official website of BCCI.

Besides that, you dabble into news section, get the latest reports on our favorite team, new and emerging changes in the cricket rules. Even free-up your schedule for an upcoming event. Furthermore, BCCI is only website that is also available in Hindi language.

5. Cricket Betting Websites (Free-Live Streaming)

Many sports fan in India enjoy betting on Cricket matches as much as watching it. Websites like: Crickex, Jeetwin, have a simple and effortless joining option that includes the standard procedure. However, that’s not what we are after.

One another benefit of getting into these reputable sites is for free Indian Premier League live-streaming. Many platforms that offer Cricket or any sports gaming also allows access to free streaming. This is mainly beneficial for the in-live betting punters. Even if you are a casual bettor, you can take full advantage.
If you wish to know more about the websites that offer live streaming, please click here

Like, everything else in life, streaming costs money. But making the right choice that aggress with your style can go long way. I hope the information is helpful for the next live match you tune into. Till then, stay safe and enjoy IPL.

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