West Indies coach Daren Sammy criticizes USA pitches at ICC T20 WC 2024

Daren Sammy — the former West Indies all-rounder and current head coach of the national team, severely criticized the pitches in the USA by highlighting the importance of introducing the sport to new audiences. Especially, the newly inaugurated Nassau County International Cricket Stadium recorded several low-scoring contests in the ongoing edition of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. 

The uneven bounce and pace of the ball on such pitches threatened batters being hit on their arms or other parts of the body, which might have led to severe injuries. Fortunately, none of the players faced injury throughout the eight matches played during the group stages of the tournament at this venue.

Daren Sammy’s Opinion about the USA Pitches: Wouldn’t Prefer Playing a Match in New York

After the West Indies clash against the USA in the Super Eights, the head coach Daren Sammy commented that he wouldn’t approve of playing a match in New York:

“No! I am not satisfied at all! If you look at the pitches in the US,  I would certainly say that I don’t want to play in such surfaces which was extremely hard for the batters. In simpler terms, it was completely unpredictable. But, when you look at the big visual, what I observed in the USA was that the World Cup attracted countless fans from various regions, which was indeed motivating. A grand event like this helps to expand the global audience and redefine the sport.

However, we didn’t play here as the USA prepared to host the matches on their home turf, and we did ours. Although we have played a couple of matches, it was important to stay at our homeground and bring out as many spectators to support and encourage us”, said Sammy during a media interaction.

Daren Sammy About West Indies loss to England in Super 8s:

Speaking about West Indies’ 8-wicket loss against England, Daren Sammy gave a positive reply saying that losing a game wouldn’t end their World Cup campaign as the team is looking forward to winning the remaining games of the tournament:

“Exactly! Right now we are disappointed with the loss. But, if you observe the fact that losing one game wouldn’t end our battle. We accept the loss, but we wouldn’t dwell much deeper on it. The entire coaching staff will discuss together and evaluate our players’ performance in this game by reviewing what went right and wrong so that it helps to improve on our weaknesses.

Also, we were around 25 to 30 runs short and couldn’t execute our game plan properly which was perfectly set. We are aiming to win our remaining matches to qualify for the semi-finals. For now, our main focus is on our next match against the USA.

Our main goal, everything that we’ve performed from the previous year was to prepare for this tournament and none of them said it was going to be easy. You need to accept the fact that there are few good teams in the tournament and we competed against the defending champions today and they outperformed us. But, everything is not yet over. Since our destiny is in our own hands, we can try our level best to make a strong comeback.

I’m very thankful to the population of St Lucia to come out in huge numbers to support us throughout the match.” said Sammy.  

The two-times T20 World Cup-winning captain is confident that the presence of several match winners in the West Indies squad can guide the team to win the remaining games and qualify for the next stage.

T20 World Cup 2024 Matches Results at Nassau County Stadium

To understand why Daren Sammy denied playing on such pitches which troubled batters to an unavoidable extent, you need to scrutinize the below-tabulated results of the T20 World Cup 2024 matches hosted at Nassau County Stadium:

MatchScoreResultTop Run Scoring Batsman of the match
Sri Lanka (SL) vs South Africa (SA)SL: 77-10 in 19.1 overs   SA: 80-4 in 16.2 oversSouth Africa won by 6 wicketsQuinton de Kock: 20 runs from 27 balls
Ireland (IRE) vs India (IND)IRE: 96-10 in 16 overs   IND: 97-2 in 12.2 oversIndia won by 8 wicketsRohit Sharma: 52 runs from 37 balls 
Canada (CAN) vs Ireland (IRE)CAN: 137-7 in 20 overs   IRE: 125-7 in 20 oversCanada won by 12 runsNicholas Kirton: 49 runs from 35 balls
Netherlands (NED) vs South Africa (SA)NED: 103-9 in 20 overs   SA: 106-6 in 18.5 oversSouth Africa won by 4 wicketsDavid Miller: 59 runs from 51 balls
India (IND) vs Pakistan (PAK)IND: 119-10 in 19 overs   PAK: 113-7 in 20 oversIndia won by 6 runsRishabh Pant: 42 runs from 31 balls
South Africa (SA) vs Bangladesh (BAN)SA: 113-6 in 20 overs   BAN: 109-7 in 20 overs    South Africa won by 4 runsHeinrich Klaasen: 46 runs from 44 balls (including 2 fours and 3 sixes)
Canada (CAN) vs Pakistan (PAK)CAN: 106-7 in 20 overs   PAK: 107-3 in 17.3 oversPakistan won by 7 wicketsMohammad Rizwan: 53 runs from 53 balls
United States (USA) vs India (IND)USA: 110- in 20 overs   IND: 111-3 in 18.2 oversIndia won by 7 wicketsSuryakumar Yadav: 50 runs from 49 balls


From the above statement, Daren Sammy points out the challenges faced by the batters at this venue. At the same time, he voiced that USA cricket has expanded largely and gained popular visibility despite the low-scoring totals witnessed in this tournament. Furthermore, Sammy expressed his excitement that the USA’s presence in the Super Eights will intensify the tournament and increase the game’s popularity by attracting new fans from various regions and expects the co-hosts to become one of the competitive teams in the upcoming years. 

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