What is “Daily Limit” in Online Cricket Betting?

Over time, online betting has seen a tremendous increase in punters. From seasoned to beginners, people from all around the world have been taking part in this fun activity. The growth could be partly due to its simplicity. Once you get around the basics, picking up the game from there is relatively easy. In the meantime, you can make it a side hustle to boost your bankroll. 

Over the top, online betting comes with a lot of benefits if you follow few steps. Hence a lot of people get carried away and find it difficult to stop right away. In other words, addiction. Many gamblers, seasoned or beginners, have dealt with the consequences of getting addicted to online gambling. 

Well, that’s what we will discuss today. A few perceptive steps can help you fight the addiction and keep it at bay while continuing your journey in the online betting world. 

Sports betting one of the enticing forms of online wagering. If you habitant in any part of Asia, chances are you are inclined towards Cricket betting. With IPL resuming on the September window, punters are waiting impatiently to partake in the upcoming events. In order to enjoy a seamless betting ride, it’s better to set a limit. 

What is a Limit in Cricket Betting?

Much like the term suggests, it is a self-induced valuation you fix to keep your spending in check. The boundaries you wish to set are adjustable according to your choice. It’s a basic technique that can be placed in terms of total spending in a day or the how much you lose in a day, week, or even a month. 

Not just that, you can even set limits to the time you spend while betting. However, this feature is not readily available on every betting platform. 

Mainly sites that support a safe gambling policy or are registered under the UK gambling council share more flexibility. It allows users with various limiting options. 

Let’s say you have a specific table or slot game that you enjoy. You can even set different limits on the playtime or spending to avoid dealing with drastic future consequences. 

As a side note, you need to keep in mind that many gambling sites won’t let you change a specific limit right you have set right away. This is only to make sure that you don’t end up splurging excessively. You will be able to make changes with time. 

How to determine your limit?

The calculation is easy as it gets.

Suppose you have invested 1,00,000 rupees in a given game. Now to calculate your limit per match, divide the total spending by 10.

Limit = Total investment / 10 = 100000/10 = 10000.

The per match limit is 10,000, meaning, you cannot lose more than 10000 in any given match you wager.

Is limit betting lucrative method to earn money?

The answer is a resounding “YES.” Let’s go by an example and consider both possibilities of winning and losing. 

The match is between India and Australia. Australia is on favorite at a rate of 40 to 60. Suppose you lay a bet on Australia by 20,000. Now, if India wins, you win 20,000. But in a different scenario, if India loses, you only lose your limit. That is 10,000. 

Over the long run, this technique will minimize your loss and, in some cases spending. It depends on the way you set the limits.  

In a different scenario, let’s say you are playing a total of ten matches. And for a second, assume you are the worst punter. You can only make few good guesses which land you five winning matches out of the total. As you have set the loss-cut. The minimum profit you might receive is at least 15000*3 = 75000.

But this doesn’t come without proper investment. To make the minimum profit of twenty-five to fifty thousand –the punter must be willing to spend around 50000 to 100000. This is, however, is not a single match spending. It is the total spend for an event. 

Note: Predicting high/low matches doesn’t apply in this technique. Such as Indian Vs. Ireland. 

Other than that, scrutinizing the player’s stat or the team’s format can easily land you at least four matches out of ten. 

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s how you decide to spend that makes the difference in your total winnings. Spending money over the games, without any strategies or in hand won’t take you very far in the long run. We have also listed few other proactive steps on safe betting. Check them out as well.

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