What is fancy bet in Cricket Betting?

Although Cricket betting is not a new concept in the gambling industry. Over the years, the term indeed has molded into many forms. So, what makes you the ideal punter? Discipline undoubtedly is the first notion to partake in any sports. Betting is a gentleman’s game. In order to play along with it, one needs patience and enough knowledge. Money management is another factor that comes to perspective. Apart from that, an individual needs to keep track of the game and the wagering value. 

The elements associated with betting stretches long and far. Hence, a punter needs to have basic knowledge of modern betting styles.

Today, we will dive into the world of fancy betting and few other advanced categories. 

First of all, what is fancy betting? The term incorporates a range of predictions like any other betting type. However, the match odds are different than the usual run by bookies. It comes down to the game and the players themselves. In the simplest form, you are wagering on your team’s ability on that particular match, keeping the background factors in aspect as well. 

Fancy Bet example:

In a fancy bet, you are wagering against the chances that your team will score over 20 runs before the first wicket fall. With every extra run they accumulate, you get one additional point. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Now suppose, the team makes a total of 35-40 runs before the wicket, you win the bet. 

Let’s take another scenario into perspective. In the same game, you decide to wager against the predicted victory. In that case, you will only win if the team is unable to land 20 runs, I.e., 19 runs or less.  

The terms like YES or No suggest back and lay. Back meaning you want to support the prediction. Lay meaning you want to go against what is predicted in the match. Like every other betting exchange, fancy bet is the local bookie’s term to Cricket spread betting.

In the above scenario, we discussed on back or lay. But in sports, there is an equal probability of gaining tie results. In that case, the fancy bet results are settled on zero, which can get a little frustrating. Furthermore, another annoyance in fancy bets is the void effect. Usually, this is resulted due to rain. Regardless of the bets being closed or open, they settle on zero. The same goes for the test matches, which can become a massive disappointment for the bettors. The betting site always offers you the explanation behind void bets.

In-play betting

These days, many betting sites offer live streaming, which gives you the chance to support your team via in-play betting. Also known as live betting. 

In-play, as suggested by the name, lifts the restriction of betting before the match begins. Moreover, in-play betting is considered perfect for Cricket. Due to the tendency of matches going on for long hours during the Twenty20 matches. Or even for days at the time of test matches. So, a punter can develop the strategy and wager as the match unfolds.

Nonetheless, in-play betting is only for the vigilant individuals who simultaneously keep track of the games and weather. An easy win can be turned into a tight run for victory in a matter of minutes.  

Here are some of the in-play markets usually offered by various sites and online bookmakers.

  • Over and under totals: This bet type can easily be referenced with fancy betting. The objective here is to make a prediction based on the given benchmark; will it be over or under? For instance: The total match sixes is over or under the given mark. 
  • Method of Dismissal: This, by far, is one of the exciting and engaging bets. As mentioned above, one needs to be able to spot every little detail. The wager is made, how the batsman will be dismissed. Usual options include: Bowled, Caught, LBW, Run Out, or any other.
  • Batsman Runs : It comes to a similar concept as over or under. The wager can be made on over or under specified runs prior to the batsman’s initial delivery.  

Apart from the above different sites can provide other in-play propositions. 

Cricket generally has more to offer when it comes to fancy and in-play betting. The agenda is straightforward. With fancy betting, you get a variety of options to wager on, from the initial toss to the end games. When it comes to in-play, you get similar options while living the match with your eyes. 

No matter what scenarios you decide to wager on, always remember to put things in perspective. The players that the team chooses to the spells, mother nature casts. 

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