What will happen if Pakistan Don’t come to India for ODI WC 2023?

The ODI World Cup 2023 schedule is finally out, but it is still not clear if Pakistan will take part in the tournament this year. India will host this year’s ODI World Cup and Pakistan has several concrete issues with the Indian cricket governing body.

Some reports suggest that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) may choose to pull out of the event and bear any consequence of such a decision. The soured relationship between PCB execs and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is at the heart of such a suggestion.

What Will Happen if Pakistan Do Not Come to India for ODI World Cup 2023?

Team India will face Pakistan on October 15, 2023 if the current agreement between PCB and BCCI officials stand. The ACC intervened and approved Pakistan’s proposed hybrid model after months of refusals to discuss from BCCI officials.

A Times Now interview revealed that the International Cricket Council (ICC) will select another team to replace Pakistan if they don’t participate in the ODI World Cup 2023. The ICC official commented

If Pakistan decides against coming to India for the World Cup; then it will be replaced by the third-top team i.e Scotland from the WC qualifiers,” However, some officials are optimistic that Pakistan will be at India for the ODI WC 2023.

Pakistan may also risk stiff penalties if they fail to take part in an ICC event. The ICC has a long list of possible punishments to mete out against teams that pull out of participating in events at the last minute. 

Where Will the ICC Pick the Third-Top Team From If Pakistan Do Not Attend ODI WC 2023?

The ICC will likely pick a top performing team from the qualifying tournament in Zimbabwe. Hosts Zimbabwe and five other teams (Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Oman, West Indies; and Scotland) are in the Super Six stage gunning for a qualifying position at the ODI WC 2023.

Netherlands and Sri Lanka are the top two team from the WC qualifiers event to secure the ODI World Cup 2023 berth. Pakistan’s apprehension to travel to India for the next world cup may see three teams progress to this year’s tournament from qualifying.

What is Causing Issues between PCB and BCCI Ahead of Scheduled Competitions in 2023?

India’s reluctance to tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023

India has not toured Pakistan for more than a decade. The last time both sides met in either team’s soil was when Pakistan toured India in 2016. A combination of political and logistical issues has seen India pull out of participating in Pakistan for any tournament for years.

The Asia Cup 2023 is another missed opportunity for India to play competitive cricket in Pakistan after 10+ years. BCCI officials like Jay Shah announced in October 2022 that India will not take part in any regional or international competition hosted in Pakistan.

India’s insistence on special conditions to feature at the Asia Cup 2023

The participation of India in a regional competition like the Asia Cup 2023 provides massive revenue to host countries. However, it also gives an unbalanced advantage to BCCI officials, allowing India’s governing body too much negotiating power.

India has requested special conditions to partake in the Asia Cup 2023 competition, effectively interfering with Pakistan’s hosting plans.

India’s suggestion to swap Asia Cup 2023 hosting rights

Several news reports claimed that BCCI officials worked in the background at early stages to move Asia Cup 2023 hosting rights from Pakistan to another country. Such reports, even though unconfirmed; would have been enough to anger PCB officials and fuel a retaliatory action like boycotting ODI WC 2023 entirely.

Back-and-forth over the Asia Cup 2023 hybrid model

India insisted on a hybrid model that effectively left out Pakistan from hosting most Asia Cup 2023 games. Their (BCCI) reluctance to co-operate is a major factor why Pakistan may not visit India for the ODI WC 2023.

Pakistan’s reluctance to move a huge chunk of Asia Cup 2023 scheduled games to neutral venues

PCB officials eventually agreed to move a major percentage of games at the Asia Cup 2023 out of Pakistan. However, the PCB’s move was more of necessity to prevent major derailment of their hosting plans.

Long-standing political issues between Pakistan and India

The terror attack carried out by insurgents from their Pakistan base in India is a major reason why both countries have serious agreement issues. Officials on both sides refuse to admit this; but the problems between PCB and BCCI got worse after that Mumbai terror attack in the late 2000s.

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