Who is the best wicketkeeper in cricket in the world?

Adam Gilchrist is considered as cricket’s best wicketkeeper of all time with 905 dismissals across 396 games. He earned this record in Tests, ODIs, and T20Is for Australia, becoming one of Australia’s top cricketers of all time during his playing career.

Cricketers like MS Dhoni, Kumar Sangakkara, Mark Boucher, and many others also deserve the best wicketkeeper in cricket award with their impressive performances across formats. A handful of players have been exceptional in their wicketkeeping roles across hundreds of games, earning a special place in fans’ hearts and on leaderboards.

Let’s look at the top wicketkeepers in world cricket and why these star players have special rankings ahead of other cricketers.

Best Wicketkeepers in the World

1. Mark Boucher – 998 dismissals, 46 stumpings

No wicketkeeper has been able to match 998 dismissals set by South African cricketer Mark Boucher. He remains one of cricket’s top players with impressive records across three formats (Tests, T20Is, and ODIs). Boucher achieved the impressive record that still stands in 467 international games.

FormatMatchesCatches (Ct)Runouts (Ro)Stumpings (St)

2. MS Dhoni – 829 dismissals, 195 stumpings

MS Dhoni is moving strong into another T20 season, adding another competitive experience to his accomplished career in all formats. The veteran cricketer and former Team India captain is a top wicketkeeper with consistent performances across formats for decades. He is also the only cricket captain in history to win a trio of ICC tournaments. His blitz action behind wickets has earned him an impressive record in stumpings and other numbers.

Dhoni has 829 dismissals to his credit in Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. He has also made an impressive 538 appearances in all three formats, raking in over 600 catches and almost three-dozen runouts. Fans will expect this veteran to add numbers to an already accomplished career in IPL 2024.

FormatMatchesCatches (Ct)Runouts (Ro)Stumpings (St)

3. Kumar Sangakkara

Some wicketkeepers end their entire careers without recording 20 dismissals, but Kumar is surely not in that category. A mind-blowing 151 dismissals under this Sri Lankan cricketer’s belt is all the testament you need about his in-game prowess.

The skilled cricketer also has impressive numbers in catches, stumpings, and runouts; earning him a place among top wicketkeepers in cricket history. No Sri Lankan cricketer has been able to match his 1.35 catch rate across 134 games in Tests and 0.99 catch rate in T20Is.

He also is one stumping short of a century of stumpings (99) in T20Is, making him one of Sri Lanka’s best cricketers of all time.

FormatMatchesCatches (Ct)Runouts (Ro)Stumpings (St)

4. Adam Gilchrist – 905 dismissals, 92 stumpings

Gilchrist is one of cricket’s best wicketkeepers with a stellar record across formats for Australia. He has an astonishing record to his credit, claiming over 900 dismissals and 92 stumpings in Tests and ODIs. Gilchrist also adds 813 catches across three formats – Tests, ODIs, and T20Is – to his impressive record of achievements in the Aussie cricket team.

He operated in the lower order for much of his Australia career and had an eye for explosive action in top order cricket too. The Aussie national team delegated the safety of wickets to him for hundreds of games, and he provided much-needed stability to give his side more honours than many other countries throughout his career.

FormatMatchesCatches (Ct)Runouts (Ro)Stumpings (St)

5. Jeff Dujon

Dujon is one of cricket’s top players and was quite reliable in the wicketkeeper position for the West Indies. He played pivotal roles in the West Indies’ impressive performances in international cricket at the time, snatching 474 dismissals and 26 stumpings across 250 matches.

FormatMatchesCatches (Ct)Runouts (Ro)Stumpings (St)

6. Ian Healy – 600 dismissals, 68 stumpings

Healy had a remarkable career for the Australia team in Tests and ODIs. The legendary cricketer has over 600 dismissals to his name and other impressive numbers in catches and stumpings. He took part in 287 games across Tests and ODIs, snatching over 550 catches and 68 stumpings respectively.

FormatMatchesCatches (Ct)Runouts (Ro)Stumpings (St)

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