Who will be New Chief Selector of Team India?

The Chief Selector of Team India position has been vacant since February 17, 2023. With recent developments, all that is about to change. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced an upward salary review for members of the Senior Selection Committee.

Before this announcement, the Chief Selector could only earn 1 crore a year while other members took Rs. 90 lakhs home within the same time. The announcement of an upward salary review gained traction on the back of a favorite to become Chief Selector of Team India.

Who will be New Chief Selector of Team India?   

The top contender for the chief selector’s role is Ajit Agarkar – a Team India legend in his own right. Agarkar is a top candidate for this role after his stellar performance for the national team throughout his career and his eligibility to take up this role.

What are the Requirements to Apply for BCCI Chief Selector Job?

Anyone that satisfies the requirements below can apply to become Chief Selector of Team India:

  • The candidate must have played a minimum of seven (7) Test matches or thirty (30) First Class matches, or ten (10) ODIs and twenty (20) First Class matches,
  • Candidate must have retired from professional cricket for at least five (5) years before the application date,
  • No member(s) of a Cricket Committee duly defined in the Memorandum of Association & Rules and Regulations of the BCCI within a five-year period prior to application is eligible for this role (no one in selected BCCI roles can be a member until after five years in their last position for the body)

Anyone who satisfies these requirements can become the BCCI’s Chief Selector.

Why Do Ex-Cricketers Shun Applications to become Chief Selector of Team India?

Low salary

The poor salary attached to selection committee roles was a major turn off for many top cricket veterans. It is not a secret that most members of the selection committee earn less than 1 crore per annum. Such a low salary is the main reason why top stars overlook such roles and go for lucrative options.

Limited moneymaking options

It becomes increasingly difficult to engage other sources of moneymaking with a post as the chief selector of any cricket team. Chief selectors cannot become commentators.

It is also harder to secure a sponsorship deal or alternative sources of income from advertising deals with such a position. The dearth of moneymaking opportunities is another reason why former cricket stars prefer to take other job roles after retirement.

More effort required

The chief selector of Team India will have to be on the road at all times with senior national teams. Such a hands-on job could be one of the major reasons why ex-cricketers shun applying for such a role. The demands from chief selectors are immense and could mimic what teams expect from selected national team players in a busy cricket calendar.

Who are the Other Members of Team India’s Selection Panel?

If Agarkar’s selection comes through, he will join other members of Team India’s current selection panel. The selection team currently includes top names like Shiv Sundar Das (acting Chief Selector), Salil Ankola, Subroto Banerjee, and Sridharan Sharath.

Why Did Chetan Sharma Leave The Chief Selector of India Position?

Former Chief Selector of Team India, Chetan Sharma, was at the center of a messy scandal in early 2023. It was revealed after a sting operation that Sharma allegedly made unsavory comments against Team India and specific players.

Why is MS Dhoni Ineligible to Become the Chief Selector of Team India?

MS Dhoni cannot become the chief selector right now. He retired from international cricket in 2020, meaning he can’t apply for this role until 2025. It is also not clear if MS Dhoni will want to accept such a role seeing that he is still fully involved with his IPL team, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

Who Else Can Be Chief Selector of Team India Apart from Ajit Agarkar?

India has a wealth of exciting talent on the pitch across formats. The cricket structure of India also means it has a massive crop of legendary players that can easily become chief selector in the future.

Ex-cricketers like Anil Kumble, Virender Sehwag, and many others can easily fill in the roles to become Chief Selector of Team India. Top players rejected the position before, but the proposed salary hike could see more recognized names vie for the chief selector role.

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