Why are India not able to win an ICC tournament?

The global governing body of cricket will know as the ICC. The team of ICC will represent 108 members. It will lead the administration of the game. The only purpose of the team is to grow the sport. It will declare as the responsible platform which decides the events. In other words, the event is also known as the ICC tournament. The tournament also has to take a variety of decisions. The decision includes playing conditions, a decision review system, and other ICC regulations. The platform is also responsible for conducting official matches.

It means a variety of official matches will be held on the decision of the ICC platform. There is a variety of reasons why India fail to win the tournament. Somehow for a long time, they have been winning the ICC match. The detail relevant to the reason is available below.

Defensive Mindset:

One of the major reasons for losing the tournament is the defensive mindset. The difference between the mindset is one of the big issues. The player is not able to make a single decision. In the other case, if they agree. So they need to follow that properly. It is one of the main causes of the ICC tournament loss. Due to that, the player does not play with unity. Somehow unity is the strength of the play, and division is the player’s failure.  

Order Failure:

The first order of the Indian batting is one of the reasons for the failure. Due to that decision, the Indians will not be able to win the huge match. The huge match is known as the ICC tournament. The best betting pair, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul, will lose their leading power early. The player only scores a few amounts of runs. On the other side, the huge ball will also waste. The wastage of the ball during the play is a big loss. After that, the limited ball pressure will enhance on the other batter.  

Selection of Bad Team:

The best team is one of the major requirements of any sports game. The sports department is suffering from a bad team. The good inning player is dropping the ICC tournament. While exchanging them, the new player is included in the team. In other words, building up the new player requires time. It will be a continuous problem for the 5 to 6 years for the country. Somehow the department’s wrong decision is also why the match lost. It is the responsibility of the department that they have to convince the good player to play.

Even the player will also select for the ICC tournament. Due to that, the other player is not playing in serious mode. All were playing because they lost the match with a bad inning. The responsibility for the losing match goes to the leader of the team.

Bowling Strategy:

The player changes their balling strategy. In other words, we also say they are using the new balling technique. The change of strategy will decrease your balling power. The player must refrain from flowing any good balls in the ICC tournament. Most teams will use the critical balling strategy in the tournament to generate winning power. Due to the change of strategy, the bowler will not be able to generate their wickets. At the same time, the power of the match depends on the balling.

The expert is properly taken responsibility. It means they are given the most chance of balling to the new player. The new player is not an expert in the field at all. Even the last ball and the final inning, which may generate the winning power, will also play by the new player.

Team Unity:

The Indian is not ready to play in the strengthened mode. The major reason is that they need to satisfy the team leader. Somehow the leader is also not able to convince their self. A leader is the strength of any team. It never matters what the place is. A good leader always convinces their player.

In other words, they also have to provide the proper guidelines for their decision. So the player is ready to support them in every situation. These all are the qualities of a good leader. Due to the new and inexpert leader, the team will never be able to play with unity. It means never getting success.


People are waiting for the tournament. They want to see their team in the winning position. On the other side, they also want to see the other countries’ players’ performance. So the best platform is the ICC tournament. The tournament will conduct every year. For the complete detailed information regarding the tournament is given above. You only have to read the article to get the complete guideline.

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