Why do cricketers walk out with children during the national anthem?

Most often you would have observed cricket players walking out with a child during the national anthem which is a gesture of sportsmanship and promotes youth engagement. Also, the family-friendly nature sport is promoted which helps to nurture new talent. Mainly, the tradition signifies the deep connection between the players and their young fans.

Being a cricket fan, have you ever doubted whether the children accompanying the players could be their relatives or not? In reality, the children aren’t related to the players walking out on the field, but they are selected through the working relationship with the charities and youth cricket clubs.

Both girls and boys ranging between 6 and 12 years of age can walk out with the cricketers, which is indeed a common practice in international cricket followed by the cricketing nations to represent unity and love towards the sport.

The presence of children on the field inspires youngsters to make them feel involved and value the talented sporting heroes.

As millions of fans are watching the game, these special moments establish long-lasting memories for the children accompanied by the star cricketers. Also, the positive image of cricket is upheld beyond ranking just as a game that promotes maintaining a unifying cultural event.

In this article, we will find out the important reasons for cricketers walking out with a child in detail…

Tradition of walking with a child

The traditional practice of walking with a child onto the field was initially observed in football, which later became effective in cricket. It is a symbolic connection between the present legendary players of the sport and the upcoming generation who could prove to become the future of the national cricket team.

Also, players play responsibly to showcase their role model status as well as promote unity and equality regardless of their background. Additionally, the tradition enhances a loyal fan base that will continue to flourish every year.

Especially, families can enjoy watching from special seating provided inside the stadium, thereby gaining a wonderful experience for both them and their children.

Impact  on Young Fans

The visual of cricket players walking onto the field with a child by their side is something beyond a heartwarming scene that influences young fans and sparks dreams to redefine their love for the game.

It is a fact that children’s innocence and pure heart nature will hold the spirit of the game. Most importantly young generations receive a powerful message from the successful cricketers. For instance, hard work leads to fame and fortune, whereas dedication guarantees success, and passion is the essence of achievement.

Especially, children standing at the center stage in front of huge crowds result in imagining themselves as future star cricketers, thereby enabling a highly motivated desire to choose cricket as their career.

Walking out with children demonstrates sportsmanship by promoting the values in young fans since children represent the value of fairness and respect in the sport. 

A cricketer walking with a young companion awakens the emotions that personally connect to a player’s heart. It is another symbolic representation of their journey starting from their childhood dreams to wearing a national cap. As a result, the present cricketers not only deliver their exceptional performance for just individual glory but also inspire the new generation to give their complete efforts playing for the nation.

Charity and Awareness

A cricket player guiding a child onto the field hand-in-hand shows support for important causes. Mainly, the approach evokes smiles and grabs the public attention to important issues, thereby highlighting every cricketer’s role in social actions.

The endorsements of cricket players benefit the charities and walking out with a child helps to enhance donations and support for the charities involved, thereby making the foundation partnerships much stronger.

Most importantly, the walkout is one of the methods for raising awareness about the serious issues continuing in our society and brings several concerns to the forefront.

Disputes and Challenges

The practice of cricketers walking out with a child during a cricket match is to overcome certain critiques and challenges.

A few set of audience view it suspiciously, questioning if it is a genuine purpose. This is because critics argue that the walk is to attract the camera to focus more on the players rather than motivating children, which might overshadow the competitive nature of the sport.

Some people debate if the action is to truly help the people or to promote the organization and public relations involved. Such ethical questions are posed considering the involvement of children and the uncertainty over their agreement and selection process.

Also, the complexity of the logistics requires the children’s availability according to the game’s schedule. As a result, ensuring safety and comfort involves an additional layer of responsibility for event organizers. At times, the number of children required for high-profile matches with increased security becomes a major concern.


Overall, cricketers walking out with children is a cherished tradition that celebrates youth and inspires fresh talents, thereby sending a powerful message of hope and unity.

As a cricket enthusiast, you should be mindful of the fact that these moments are precious not because they happen just before the game. But the main reason is that they help train and develop young players to become the top cricket players for the national team in the future.

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