Why is BCCI Paying Ajit Agarkar Highest Salary Rate of All-Time?

Ajit Agarkar is one of India’s best cricketers of all time with several records to his name. Attracting such a personality to one of Indian cricket’s most-demanding jobs would have been hard without a huge salary raise. Agarkar’s agreement to take up this role only came shortly after the BCCI’s promise to increase his proposed salary. The BCCI is offering Ajit Agarkar a bumper salary raise for three major reasons:

1. Luring a veteran cricketer

Getting an experienced, disciplined ex-cricketer as Chief Selector has been a challenge for BCCI officials in recent years. The appointment of Agarkar means India’s BCCI has now achieved a difficult feat after several unsuccessful tries.

Many top names like Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, and others have rejected the Chief Selector’s role in recent times. These ex-cricketers largely reject the role due to its low salary and demanding nature. Many legendary cricketers also believe they can make more money elsewhere in less-demanding roles.

Agarkar has been a part of four World Cup squads and won the title with India in 2007. He also earns substantial amounts from commentary roles, corporate events, and other engagements as an expert. He will have to abandon these roles and their pay packages to focus on his new assignment as Chief Selector.  

2. Making the Chief Selector role more attractive

The Chief Selector’s role will definitely get more top name applications after such a salary hike. Indian cricket will likely see top talent from previous lineups gun for this role with its attractive pay package.

3. Compensation for work done

Having an experienced ex-cricketer as Chief Selector comes with several benefits. The BCCI seems to succeed in that department after many attempts to lure top cricketers to the role. As Chief Selector, Agarkar will be on the road on most occasions and have to perform several demanding tasks in his new role.

The salary hike could serve as a compensation to Agarkar for his efforts, seeing that he can make such an amount elsewhere.

What is the Proposed Amount BCCI Officials Want to Pay Chief Selector Ajit Agarkar?

Many media reports say the BCCI is planning to triple Ajit Agarkar’s wages from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 3 crores per year. Such a huge salary raise means Agarkar will be the highest-earning Chief Selector in BCCI history.

Will Ajit Agarkar Highest Salary Give Other Committee Members a Raise?

There is a current gulf in the old salary scale of senior selection committee members. While non-chairman roles attract less than Rs. 1 crore per annum, the chairman gets 1 crore rupees and other benefits for his work.

It is only natural that any upward salary review of Ajit Agarkar’s salary affects pay grades allotted to other committee members.

What are the Reactions to Ajit Agarkar’s Proposed Salary Hike?

The BCCI opting to pay Ajit Agarkar a bumper salary as Chief Selector doesn’t sit well with some commentators. Other analysts have no issue with the pay rise, sparking a mixed debate about the proposed salary hike.

Some commentators believe Agarkar’s wealth of experience and potential contribution to Indian cricket justifies his salary. His massive list of qualifications are suitable for the role, according to several commentators. Agarkar’s contribution to cricket in India could reap rewards over the years and seems to be a masterstroke for national selections.

Will Agarkar’s Hiring as Chief Selector Cause Controversy?

The decision to hire Ajit Agarkar as Chief Selector has received massive support from several ex-cricketers. Fans comments also suggest Agarkar may be the current best fit for this role going into a busy cricket calendar for India.

However, the BCCI’s decision to offer Ajit a huge salary raise will likely cause some controversy. Some sections of commentators and analysts believe the massive hike in Chief Selector’s salaries shortchanges other members of the selection committee. Before the proposed hike, senior selection committee members were earning Rs. 90 lakhs for their services annually.

What are the Other Benefits Attached to Agarkar’s Proposed Salary?

The salary hike will reportedly see Agarkar access other benefits apart from his basic salary. Several reports claim that some perks attached to the role include:

  • A car allowance,
  • Medical allowance,
  • Travel allowance, and
  • A pension plan

These benefits will likely not go well with some sections of BCCI or critics. Former chief selectors may not be pleased with such a massive bump in salaries and loaded benefits too, even if they never say it in public.

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