Why Is Online Cricket Betting So Popular In India?

For centuries, sports have dominated many of the table talks. Be it the pundit’s criticism or the general love of a particular team. Regardless of the reason, there is no denying that we enjoy watching and defending our favorite team with enough wisdom and knowledge that we acquire. 

Let’s take Cricket, for instance, initially introduced by the British East India Company mariners to the Indians during the 18th century. The game spread its wings pretty quickly amongst the freedom fighters. It was not long before Bombay formed its first Oriental Cricket Club via the Parsi community. Gradually the country took over many of the titles that the game has to offer. 

In 1932, India recorded its first victory against the England players, restoring the country’s morals and claim for independence. India may not have a listed national sport, but for the ever-growing population, Cricket has become a sacred religion on its own. 

But why the popularity? Well, for years, Cricket has been gluing the fans residing in different states. Since online cricket betting came into the scene, the bond grew stronger even quicker. Albeit the government is against cricket betting tactics, Indian people have always found a way to rejoice in the wins of their favorite team. 

Legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli embodied the vast praise the sports have received over the years. It’s more than just a game for these people; Cricket has become somewhat of an identity. With that, it should come as no surprise that Cricket betting has gained so much popularity in the Southern Asian region. 

Here are the six reasons behind the large fandom and the rapidly growing admiration. 

1. Accessibility

The country stands over 17.7% of the world population, with such huge demographics indulging on the internet almost 24/7, betting becomes somewhat of a thrill.

Furthermore, Online Cricket betting is easily accessible in different parts of India. All you have to do is download your favorite app or log into a reputed betting website. Once you have created a profile, all that remains is backing your team. With such handy applications, individuals partaking in the game can make bets from their comfort zone. 

2. Easy money

Many individuals residing in the country don’t belong to wealthy standards. Hence, betting becomes a way to collect easy money. Online sports betting lures many in promise to hand out exciting payouts with less or no effort at all. 

Moreover, Indians have a way of focusing on the silver lining. Though the Cricket betting odds are there, people still wager big on games hoping to hit a significant win once the results flash in the boards.

3. Convenience

With Internet users rising every day, online gambling has unlocked the ultimate power of comfort betting. There is no need for long travels, extra expenses in hotel bookings even for games taking place in a remote area.
All you need now is your cozy couch and smartphone, within few clicks you can stream the match you desire.

4. Support for the team

Indians share an incredible infatuation when it comes to supporting their team against the rivalry. Even toddlers know much more about the sport than many grown-up individuals.

With such high influence, supporting the preferred team via cricket betting through the thick and thin becomes the loyalty card as a fan. Not only that, you even make some money off it. Now that’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

5. Multiple Tournaments

One of the major advantages when it comes to Cricket betting in India is the numerous tournaments that take place all year round. Mainly, it’s the IPL that gets the blood boiling and the fans screaming on the top of their lungs. Yet, the continuity of the game is what makes betting very frequent in the country.

6. Safe Option

As we have discussed above Cricket betting or even any sort of gambling is not legal in many parts of India. However, the lack of any written and prominent restriction for online gambling makes the process a safer and even a wiser option for sure. Lastly, a genuine site holds a regulated license from a trusted authority

If you really want to put your Cricket knowledge to the test, betting can serve you as a greater purpose. It’s a cautious step towards making huge money from the plenty of options to choose from. Not only that, a lot of online cricket betting site provides 24/7 customer support for guided assistance if required. So, what have you been waiting for? Enjoy the exciting benefits technology has to offer.

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