Why Mohammed Siraj Is Known As Miyan Magic?

Miyan Magic has stuck to Mohammed Siraj in recent times as his most popular nickname. Many fans in India and abroad have come to like this nickname as he continues to produce magical performances whenever he’s on bowling duty.

The experienced Men in Blue cricketer’s performance in recent games have outshone many of his previous appearances, making him a top addition to Team India’s current squads. He also showed signs of impressive gameplay in franchise cricket to deliver some exciting overs for fans to cheer during Indian Premier League (IPL) games.

In this article, we’ll see what the nickname means and why fans continue to see his gameplay as nothing short of magical for Team India?

Why Is Mohammed Siraj Known as Miyan Magic?

Mohammed Siraj earned the Miyan Magic nickname during an IPL game for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). The match was against another tough side in the tournament – the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Siraj’s performance on that night made him one of RCB’s most popular players, as his otherworldly performance saw off the KKR in that game.

After that match, the ‘magic’ tag stuck and some fans began calling him ‘Miyan Magic’ or ‘Magic Miyan’ which both translate to ‘Magic Muslim’.

Another Exciting Performance Cements the Magic Tag?

Siraj has always been a reliable performer for franchise and country and was at his best for India at the recently-concluded Asia Cup 2023. Siraj put up a more-than-decent outing at this tournament, seeing off Sri Lankan batters time and again to guarantee Team India a deserved title win.

He took several wickets during that game and made many major dismissals, crippling the Lankan attack from several fronts. In conjunction with Team India batters, Siraj

Does Mohammed Siraj Have Any Other Nickname?

Many fans called Mohammed Siraj ‘Miya Bhai’ for many seasons before his new nickname popped up. He is one of the few current Team India cricketers with more than one alias owing to his exciting on-pitch performances. As things stand with his current form, Magic Miyan may be one of many new aliases Mohammed Siraj will earn in the future.

What Does Miya Bhai Mean?

‘Miya’ is an unofficial way to call a Muslim man in many Indian cities. Mohammed Siraj is a Muslim, so fans called him ‘Miya Bhai’ for a while. ‘Miya Bhai’ means ‘Muslim brother’ in some local Indian languages, and it is one of his most popular nicknames.

Mohammed Siraj Career Stats

Bowling Stats

List A7978361331101406/216/2122.215.1625.8440

(Stats are accurate as of October 20, 2023)

Mohammed Siraj has continued to rise in bowling stats across formats in recent years, and it’s no small feat. Siraj is now one of Team India’s most trusted players and has driven his worth to immense levels with recent performances. For example, he almost singlehandedly saw off Sri Lanka at the Asia Cup 2023.

His performances at Asia Cup 2023, especially in the final helped Team India secure a record-extending 8th title in that format.

Batting and Fielding Stats

List A79411917536*7.9526566.0300163120

(Stats are accurate as of October 20, 2023)

Siraj isn’t known for his bowling prowess but he has managed to get over a dozen sixes throughout his career as a stand-in batsman. His catches record isn’t too bad for a fielder with more bowling responsibilities than in other departments of the game.

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