Will AB de Villiers Return To RCB camp In IPL 2023?

Some cricketers’ rise to the top constitutes hours of determination and hard work. On the other hand, some players include mainly an abundance of talent and natural ability. Abraham Benjamin de Villiers is one of those cricketers that create a computer game. He is also one of the most popular IPL players. Most people think that de Villiers will not come to RCB in IPL 2023; they often ask, Will AB de Villiers Return to RCB camp? This short guide will give you a clear answer to this question. He has both attributes set to maximum and then some. 

AB de Villiers has risen to become the world’s finest and most versatile batter across all formats. Apart from his wide array of strokes on either side of the wicket, he has the full skills to take any bowling attack. In addition, his supreme skill caught the eye of the selectors. It is because he was fast-tracked into the national squad when he was just 20. With all his abilities and skills, de Villiers is the most important part of RCB in IPL. He is the second player that retains ahead of the IPL 2018 player auction. Undeniable, he is also well known as the 360-degree batter with hard-hitting skills, is more than a decent wicket-keeper, and is an agile fielder who can put an acrobat to shame on a cricket field. 

AB de Villiers Return to RCB Camp in IPL 2023:

A legendary South African player AB de Villiers was a part of Delhi Capitals during the preliminary part of IPL from 2008 to 2011. However, since 2011, Royal Challengers Bangalore group has purchased the big player. Since that, he has remained with RCB constantly from 2011 to 2011. Now there is a big question Will AB de Villiers Return to the RCB camp? The question arose after the association of de Villiers and RCB ended. It is when he announces his retirement from all forms of cricket ahead of the mega auction in 2022. Of course, the most destructive batters of this generation will be returning to the RCB camp for the 2023 season of the IPL.

AB de Villiers has been the most important batter of RCB alongside Virat Kohli for the last decade. However, he retired from international cricket in 2018. In addition, he continued to play in franchise leagues for the next three years. Undeniably, his retirement was no less than a shock to his fans and the entire cricket world. It is because the left-hand batter was at the peak of his powers. 

He announces that he will return to the RCB camp in IPL 2023. However, he didn’t give many details about his role. He just confirmed that he wouldn’t return to RCB camp as a player. Maybe, de Villiers will join the team as a consultant or a mentor before the start of IPL 2023. Surprisingly, former RCB skipper Virat Kohli, in a conversation with Danish Sait, hint that de Villiers is likely to join the RCB team in 2023.

Career as RCB Player in IPL:

AB de Villiers is also famous as a 360-degree batter; He is one of those players who can change the game single-handedly and capture the win from the opponent. Furthermore, he can switch from classical batting to playing more innovative strokes, which sets him apart from South African batters. For RCB, he plays many eye-catching innings. A great player even gets an award for the most power-packed knock in the IPL 2012. He got this award for his assault on Dale Steyn. 

Undoubtedly, de Villiers has been a finisher per excellence, hitting a sublime hundred at Mumbai in 2015. In addition, he scored a hundred in Bengaluru against Gujrat Lions in 2016. With former RCB captain Virat Kohli, he scores five 100+ partnerships for RCB and two 200+ partnerships. It is the only pair in the world to post two such partnerships. He scored 687 runs in 2016 and finished third on the runs chart. 

The legendary batter finished his career at RCB, where he was amazing. Overall, in 156 matches, he scores 4491 runs at an average of 41.20. In addition, he scores 5,162 IPL runs in a total of 170 innings with an average of 39.71. His strike rate was 15169, with three centuries and 40 half-centuries and his highest score was 133. 


Ab de Villiers is one of the most amazing cricketers in the world of cricket. He not only amazingly plays for South Africa but also plays a huge role in most wins of RCB. Undoubtedly, de Villiers is one of the most important players of RCB in IPL. After he announces his retirement from IPL, people are in great shock, and the question arises in their mind Will AB de Villiers Return to RCB camp In IPL 2023? The former South African player announced that he is in the RCB camp in IPL 2023 but didn’t disclose his role

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