Will Jofra Archer Play In The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?

Jofra Archer is one of England’s best talents ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in India. However, his recent injury troubles seem to hinder his chances of taking part in this year’s World Cup. Archer may not be 100% fit in time for the tournament; however, Team England is optimistic that he’ll be in the 15-man final squad.

Will Jofra Archer Play in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023?

England have Jofra Archer to thank for the most part when you consider his performances last time out. His performances across domestic formats and the IPL brought more attention to his talents. England had to relax its criteria for selecting cricketers to accommodate talents like Archer in 2019.

Jofra Archer’s Performances at the 2019 ODI World Cup

Archer featured in his first-ever international tournament for England in 2019 and his input was instrumental to the country’s maiden ODI World Cup trophy in history.

Jofra made an instant impact in the team, rallying his teammates to imminent victory with his superb bowling skills. Archer rose quickly in the squad to senior bowling duties, taking the stand against opposing batters in critical overs.

He bowled his bit in tough overs throughout the tournament, taking 20 wickets from some of the world’s toughest cricket teams. Archer topped his 2019 World Cup performance with decisive bowling in the final’s Super Over to secure victory for England. Many of England’s swift, impactful, and decisive attacks were due to Archer’s inclusion in the 2019 squad.

How Has Jofra Archer’s Career Fared since His 2019 World Cup Heroics?

Archer’s career has taken a significant nosedive since his stellar 2019 World Cup outing. The experienced bowler has had to deal with a string of injuries since that time, limiting his ascension to the pinnacle of cricket’s best pitchers.

Archer has taken more than a dozen wickets throughout his playing time since 2019 at 18.10. He has taken part in 4 ODIs since 2019, taking 12 wickets in the format. Archer’s performances continue to show the same skills he applied to seal England’s first ODI World Cup in 2019.

It’s safe to say that England’s insistence on adding Archer to their 2023 World Cup squad rests partly on his past performance as a national team bowler.

Why is the England Team Keen to Add Jofra Archer to Their ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Squad?

The England team continues to hope for Jofra Archer’s fitness ahead of the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup. Some of the major reasons why the team wants him in the final squad are easy to spot:

Archer’s experience in India

Jofra was once part of an IPL franchise and featured in forty-eight different matches in Indian weather. His expertise as one of the Englishmen to play in India will be a massive advantage heading into the tournament. Other England cricketers like Sam Curran and Ben Stokes playing in India will provided added advantages to the squad ahead of this tournament.

Archer’s 2019 performances

Jofra’s 2019 heroics are still fresh in the memories of cricket fans in England and abroad. His addition to the team will receive little to no contest based on how he could add value to the squad at this World Cup.

Archer’s ODI prowess

Archer is one of England’s deadliest bowlers in the ODI format. He continues to perform at a decent level in any ODI series he features in. The team will expect him to bring his A-game if he eventually gets fit enough for inclusion in the squad.

Archer’s overall gameplay experience

None can deny the immense experience garnered by Archer after featuring in some of cricket’s toughest competitions. His wealth of expertise and in-game knowledge could prove pivotal to England’s chances in India from October 5, 2023.

What Kind of Injury Did Jofra Archer Suffer?

Jofra Archer has a reoccurring elbow problem that has hampered his performances for over two years. The elbow problem has caused a stop-start performance from the once-feared English bowler.

Who Could Be On the Field With Jofra Archer If He Becomes Fit for the ICC Cricket World Cup?

Mark Wood is likely to feature alongside Jofra Archer if all factors align before the 2023 ODI World Cup.

When is the Deadline for Teams to Make Squad Changes at the ODI World Cup 2023?

All teams are expected to make their final team changes on or before September 27, 2023. Participating teams must hand in their final team lists eight days before the tournament begins in Ahmedabad.

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