How to Win Money from online cricket betting in India?

Online Cricket markets sustain a diverse betting option in the gambling scene, enticing punters from all around. In general, betting accumulates more than just having the lucky streak, although it doesn’t hurt. Instead, it’s the healthy blend of uncertainty predicted with good background information. 

So, you see, earning money through online cricket betting is no rocket science. However, to boost your winning chances, you need to be on the top of your game, vigilant, focused, pouring with ample knowledge of the game. So, here are few things you might need to keep in check if you wish to boost your bankroll.


Identifying the value always pays out a handsome profit in the end. But not everyone spends time looking for the right value—especially the novice punters, who mostly base their bets on limited prediction. Understanding the concept of value can be utilized to your benefit. If you find them before the value plummets on the betting exchange. 

When the probability of a specific outcome is higher than the bookmaker’s price indicates, then it’s a Value Bet. In simple terms, the hunt is to find the odds which has greater chances of succeeding than it implies. Placing a value bet gives you an advantage in the long run and boosts the winning chances altogether. 

Learn Statistics

Usually, hearing big names in any sports event drives an impulse to back these successful players. But even the most prized players have chances of upsetting the overall result. In such cases, research can help you predict the closest outcome. 

Take consistency, for instance; over the years, we have witnessed the rise and fall of various teams. One perfect example would be the rise of the Delhi Capitals and the fall of Chennai Super Kings. The Delhi capitals showcased a reliable and robust performance, eventually landing them on finals. While the Super Kings didn’t offer any over-the-top excellency. 

It is prominent to know the stats of the team you are backing. From the number of matches, they have played to the squad’s form. Have they stayed consistent in their games? Is anyone coming from a long injury? These types of information are valuable. 

Pitch Reports

In a cricket match, a pitch report has a consequential impact on the game. This report gives you an overview of everything before the match starts. An England pitch, for instance, offers excellent conditions for spin bowling. Which in return gives the spin bowlers dominance over the match. 

However, as the match goes on, these fast pacers leave a vast print of dusty patches on the ground. These changes will make spin bowling almost lethal for the opponent. 

Similarly, pitches in Australia are dry, given the hot and humid temperature. Here, the swingers are not your value bet. Hence pitch positions can give you the edge on finding value bets, which will work as a significant investment in boosting your total wins. 

Knowing the formats

Cricket typically has three-game formats: Test, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty20 (T20) cricket.

The most extended format out of three is Test. At the same time, ODI is 100- game, divided into 50- over innings. On the other hand, T20 is the shortest and fierce, divided into 40-over innings. 

Much like the game, teams have varied techniques of playing in all three formats. However, take into account the fierce format, T20 has the largest markets in betting for “Most sixes.” Hence players are looking to smash one on any corner of the pitch. 

However, in a Test match, the players are looking to protecting the wickets and gaining long runs for the team. Thus, sixes are not guaranteed. 

These slight contrasts in the tactics are all you have to look in before betting in any format. 

Some of the reliable online cricket betting sites you can try the above-mentioned techniques into are:


The site is one of the fastest-growing exchange portals in India, now recently in Bangladesh as well. The site has an extensive range of betting markets available with free streaming. Their biggest perks are fast deposit and withdrawal. Various local payment systems are included for the Indian and Bangladeshi Punters. In addition, you have customer support that is available 24*7.


This site is still a work in progress; however, you won’t be disappointed in terms of gaming platforms. Moreover, it’s the perfect place for you to try your betting strategies.


The site is a split image of Betfair with the market price more or less similar. It offers you sports betting as well casino games.


It is another sports exchange sites that diminishes the need of traditional bookmakers. It provides with enticing promotional offers that you can use while betting on your favorite match.

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