Yashasvi Jaiswal equals Virat Kohli’s test record against England

On 26th February 2024 (Monday), Indian batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal equals Virat Kohli’s test record by becoming the second-highest run scorer for India in a home test series.

In the 4th test match against England at Ranchi, Yashasvi levelled Virat Kohli’s 7-year-old record of 655 runs in a test series.

Despite, Jaiswal scoring only 73 runs and 37 runs in the 4th test match, he accomplished an important record in his career. Moreover, Yashasvi smashed 23 sixes in 8 test innings of this series with an incredible average of 93.

Virat Kohli scored the same runs in 2016 against England in the 5-match home test series. Out of the 8 innings, Kohli scored a double century, a century and two half-centuries with his highest score of 235 runs.

The 22-year-old opening batsman has been in great form throughout the innings. Comparing the stats from the first to fourth test match Yashasvi Jaiswal achieved two double centuries and a half-century. Also, he secured his career-best score of 214 runs in the 3rd test match.

As a result, fans started trolling with the caption “Jaisball vs Bazball” contest on social media.

Within a short time, Yashasvi Jaiswal rose to stardom and ranks in the list of current veteran cricketers like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. Especially, Yashasvi after making his international debut in the test match against West Indies on 12th July 2023 gained immense popularity in just 6 months.

In his test debut, Yashasvi scored an impressive knock of 171 runs against the Windies. Thereby, he secured his position as an opening batsman in test cricket.

Though Yashasvi Jaiswal equals Virat Kohli’s test record, Sunil Gavaskar remains in the top position as the highest run scorer in the home test series.

How Yashasvi Jaiswal equals Virat Kohli’s test record: A Detailed Breakdown of his performances

Here is a breakdown of how Yashasvi Jaiswal equals Virat Kohli’s test record by accumulating 655 runs in 4 test matches of the ongoing series against England:

1st test match:

  • First Innings: 80 runs from 74 balls (including 10 fours and 3 sixes)
  • Second Innings: 15 runs from 35 balls (including 2 fours)

2nd test match:

  • First Innings: 209 runs from 290 balls (including 19 fours and 7 sixes
  • Second Innings: 17 runs from 27 balls (including 3 fours)

3rd test match:

  • First Innings: 10 runs from 10 balls (including 2 fours)
  • Second Innings: *214 runs from 236 balls (including 14 fours and 12 sixes)

4th test match:

  • First Innings: 73 runs from 117 balls (including 8 fours and 1 six) 
  • Second Innings: 37 runs from 44 balls (including 5 fours)

From the above stats, it becomes evident that Yashasvi Jaiswal becomes the third Indian batsman to score back-to-back double centuries in tests after Vinod Kambli and Virat Kohli.

A time-travel of Virat Kohli’s best performance in a test against England in 2016

Here is a time-travel analysis of Virat Kohli’s exceptional performance against England in the 2016 home test series. Moreover, it would be an intriguing comparison of Virat Kohli vs Yashasvi Jaiswal’s performance against England in a test match series:

1st test match:

  • First Innings: 40 runs from 95 balls (including 5 fours) 
  • Second Innings: *49 runs from 98 balls (including 6 fours)

2nd test match:

  • First Innings: 167 runs from 267 balls (including 18 fours)
  • Second Innings: 81 runs from 109 balls (including 8 fours)

3rd test match:

  • First Innings: 62 runs from 127 balls (including 9 fours)
  • Second Innings: *6 runs from 11 balls

4th test match:

  • First Innings: 235 runs from 340 balls (including 25 fours and 1 six) 

5th test match:

  • First Innings: 15 runs from 29 balls (including 1 four)

Yashasvi Jaiswal after playing 8 test matches

Yashasvi Jaiswal scored 971 runs in 8 test matches. However, he ranks second in the list behind the great Don Bradman, who achieved 1,210 runs during the same number of matches in the initial stages of his career.

Can Yashasvi Jaiswal break Sunil Gavaskar’s record to become the leading run-scorer in the home test series?

Yes! There are higher chances for Yashasvi Jaiswal to break Sunil Gavaskar’s record. He can become the top Indian batter of the home test series by targeting as the leading run-scorer.

Yashasvi featuring in his 3rd test match for India became the top-run scorer in the 5-match test series so far. Additionally, he has higher opportunities to create a sensation with one more test match remaining in the series.

After Yashasvi Jaiswal equals Virat Kohli’s test record, the young rising talented cricketer aims to surpass the legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar’s lifetime record.

Previously, Sunil Gavaskar scored 732 runs in the 6-match test series against West Indies in 1978. Out of the 9 innings, Gavaskar achieved a double century, three centuries and a half-century. It includes his highest score of 253 runs.

On the other side, Yashasvi still needs to score 78 runs in the upcoming match of the series. The fifth and final test match starts on 7th March 2024 (Thursday) at HPCA stadium, Dharamsala

If Yashasvi Jaiswal scores more than 78 runs in both innings of the 5th test match, he will certainly surpass Sunil Gavaskar’s record. Consequently, he will become the highest Indian run-getter in a home test series.

Why the 5th test match against England is crucial for Yashasvi Jaiswal in his career?

Apart from breaking Sunil Gavaskar’s record, the upcoming 5th test match of the series against England at Dharamsala will be a crucial game for Yashasvi Jaiswal’s test career. It is because he is just a few steps away from achieving these crucial milestones:

  • 700-run mark against England: If Jaiswal scores more than 45 runs, he will cross the 700-run mark and become the first Indian batsman to reach the crucial milestone in the test series against England. Also, he will become the 2nd Indian batsman after Sunil Gavaskar to achieve this feat in the home-test series. 
  • 1000 runs in test career: Interestingly, Yashasvi needs only 29 runs to reach 1000 runs in his test career.

Surpass Graham Gooch and Joe Root’s record: Yashasvi Jaiswal (655 runs in 4 tests) requires 97 runs to surpass the record of Graham Gooch and Joe Root. These two batsmen hold the first and second positions for the record of most runs in a single test series against India.  Graham Gooch scored 752 runs in 1990 and Joe Root achieved 737 runs in 2021 of the India-England test series.

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